Thursday, 26 June 2008

Papaver somniferum

Thanks to Mr. Mcgregor's daughter who identified this beauty as Papaver somniferum or common name Bread Seed Poppy. Stupid question but are these the little black seeds on bread rolls?

After reading up on it also seems to be commonly known as an Opium poppy. I didn't know these grew over here in England, i thought these type of poppies were some sort of tropical plant that only grew in hot countries for drugs etc. It is growing in the shadiest part of the garden although it apparently prefers a sunny location, i think a bird must have dropped the seed.

Tuesday, 24 June 2008

Unidentified Flowering Plant

Can anyone tell me what this plant it? It was not in the garden last year and i have no idea where it has come from. I liked the look of the leaves so let it grow and it just kept on growing and growing. It now stands 4 foot tall has numerous flower heads and the flower stalks have fine thorns on them that you may just be able to make out from the picture. I hope someone out there can help me out and identify it.

Organic Slug Control

I was out pottering outside in the garden and i could hear rustling, in the overgrown grass. At first i couldn't make out what it was (yup the eyesight ain't as good as it once was!) Then out the corner of my eye i saw them... "Meet the Frogger's" two of 'em clambering alongside the greenhouse. Frogs, my organic slug control, i think they had come in from next doors garden because as soon as they saw me they were off hopping and diving back under the fence.

So that's it,my next project is making a wildlife pond in the plot to encourage them and other beneficials into the garden. I have got an old Belfast sink that i want to use for the project, I don't have alot of space but if anyone has got any ideas or suggestions i would welcome them.

I keep up to speed with the other blogs that i like to read, but I've really not kept on top of mine , sometimes life gets in the way, other times i just don't have anything to say, but a month is way too long without an update!

Saturday, 31 May 2008

Ripe for the picking.

The sweet strawberry aroma that greeted me as i went into the greenhouse was just too much. All thoughts of taking a photo of the big juicy red berries for my blog went entirely out of the window. I picked the best of the bunch for my tea, then went back with my camera, talk about doing stuff in reverse!

The variety is "Elsanta," i got them last year as a pack of six seedlings, which did fruit, though i wasn't that impressed with them.

They have just sat in the greenhouse and i haven't paid them much attention really, just the occasional watering when i remembered. I even thought about composting them to free up some room in the greenhouse but when i saw the flower buds i decided to give them another chance. Am i glad i did or what? They are so deliciously sweet, from now on i will be nurturing them all the way! Now where did i put that cream?
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